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Can You Do Your Own Pressure Washing?

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Since there is a lot of pressure washing equipment sold at stores today, many homeowners are thinking of doing the job themselves instead of hiring the professionals. While buying the new pressure washer may seem like a good investment, you may want to think again if it’s really worth your time. 

It’s important that you understand exactly what a pressure washing service entails and what you’re paying the professionals for. Only after careful deliberation, you can decide what’s the right path for you. So, before you do some serious shopping, you better do some careful reading first.  

The Need for Pressure Washing 

The things that you have to know before buying your very own, sleek, and shiny pressure washer is listed below. You might want to fully evaluate the situation first before jumping on the bandwagon. Not because your neighbor bought one for himself, it means you have to get your own too.  

  1. Frequency

First off, determine how frequently you need the pressure washing service. If you only have to clean your home exteriors once or twice a year, then it might be better to hire the service providers because you’ll just be storing the equipment most of the time. Equipment that is always stored is prone to a lot of issues, more particularly engine rusting.  

  1. Size of the job

What, in particular, are using the pressure washer for? If you only have a small yard, then it’s just a small job that won’t cost you too much. Requesting for a pressure washing service every quarter for a less than a hundred bucks is a great deal.  

  1. Time spent 

If you’ll buy a pressure washer, then it means that you’re good at doing the job yourself. You have to devote time to the task, maybe one weekend when you’re off to work. If that’s good with you, then it might just be worth the investment. Otherwise, you should just leave the task to the professionals.  

Which Pressure Washer to Use  

If at this point, you’re still inclined to buy a pressure washer, then the next thing that you should think about is what type to get. There are different brands and models available in the market and if you don’t know the first thing about the job, then you might not be able to use the pressure washer the right way.  

There are gas pressure washers and there are electric models available, which come in various sizes and capacities as well. If it’s just a small job, then a smaller electric-type pressure washing should suffice. They won’t cost you a lot either. But if you have a bigger space to wash and you need it for other applications as well, then the gas-powered types are the one that you should get.  

Once you have bought a new pressure washing, the next thing to do is to determine how to use it. Read the manual first for your own safety. You can’t make the thing work right unless you know how to use it and what you’re doing. That is the very thing that separates professionals from DIY enthusiasts.  

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