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How to Use a Kitchen Garbage Disposal

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Kitchen garbage disposals are used to easily get rid of undesirable residue usually drained into the sink, such as discarded peels and expired food. However, many homeowners don’t know how to properly use a garbage disposal. Then they get surprised why it got clogged or worse, it stopped working completely.

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To prolong the functionality and life of garbage disposals, listed below are some easy-to-follow tips. Practice them and you’ll avoid jams and clogs, which means you’ll be using the garbage disposal for so much longer.

1. Use the garbage disposal regularly.

It’s important to always use the garbage disposal, preferably on a daily basis. If there’s really nothing to grind, run the water and let the disposal run. Doing so will keep its parts working well. If it is not used for a long time, it will corrode, rust, or freeze up. The food that you have disposed into it won’t be grounded and will only harden, thus causing clogs and odors. Just remember that your garbage disposal needs to work its gears to keep it in shape.

2. Don’t use hot water.

When using the garbage disposal, always use cold -not hot – water. While hot water is preferred in many other cleaning tasks, the garbage disposal unit is one that can’t tolerate it. This is because hot water tends to melt food items disposed into the chute. When that happens, the waste will cling to its sides. On the other hand, cold water makes food harder. The garbage disposal finds it easier to dispose of the food and lead it out of the pipes.

3. Run the garbage disposal for an extra minute.

After using the garbage disposal, let it run for another minute after it has grounded up all food items. Try to keep the water running for one more minute or so. This will ensure that everything has been flushed out the drain pipe. Doing so prevents clogs.

4. Cut food and waste into smaller pieces.

By doing so, the garbage disposal will find it easier to grind them all. This makes it easier for the blades and the engines of garbage disposal. If you feed the chute with larger pieces of fruit or meat, then there are higher chances of the garbage disposal failing on you.

5. Go smoothly.

Try not to overwork your garbage disposal machine. If you feed it with just the right amount at a time, then it won’t jam or clog. That’s how you prevent unnecessary breakage as well. Make it function longer is the goal.

6. Run cold water with dish soap.

You can help the garbage disposal do its job better by running cold water mixed with some dish soap. That’s going to grind up the wastes so much faster. It will also help clean the garbage disposal while making sure that there is nothing clinging to the walls of the chute.

If you encounter any problem with your garbage disposal chute, don’t hesitate to hire the Baltimore garbage disposal installation and repair experts. These are the professionals that can help you the most.

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